Frequently asked questions

Why Aluminum?

Aluminum offers a more customizable and durable longboard deck, while remaining almost as light as a wooden deck.

Which style fits me?

UltraFlex offers a variety of styles for a variety of riding purposes. We suggest for flat to moderately hilly terrain you go with a "high flex" deck. For downhill to drifting we suggest a "no Flex" deck with a shorter wheel base. (Check out more sources for which styles are for what kind of riding.)

How safe are these boards?

SAFETY Always wear a helmet and your personal protective gear in case of a fall. Do not ride the board out of your skills and be cautious of your surroundings. Although the aluminum design is made to never give out, use caution when using the longboard. LEGALITY Laws and regulations regarding longboards vary by country, state, county, and municipality, so please check the local legal status of this product before you ride it.

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